Client Centered ​Courtesy 
Everything from answering our phones to returning your call within a timely manner, is meant to convey that you are important to us.    We really do care about how you are feeling, and strive to make your experience at Inland Counseling a pleasant one!  Each Psychotherapy client begins treatment with a unique set of issues.  Because we understand this is more that likely a difficult time for you, we strive to treat you with professional respect, dignity and courtesy.

Inland counseling has a full time “billing and accounting” staff member who will bill your insurance company, should you intend to use your insurance.  Our costs are very competitive, and we also have a strong ethical belief: If we can’t help you, we will not charge you and will happily refer you to someone we feel can.

Why Choose Us?

Change Your Thinking...Change your life


Stated simply, our clinical treatment interventions will likely result in:

Elimination or reduction of symptoms/problems

Acquisition of new skills/tools

Optimized overall functioning


Besides the fact that we have been providing psychotherapy services in the I.E. for over 12 years, here are some significant reasons why you might want to consider us for your counseling needs: 
Our staff is available to provide you with a comprehensive and holistic treatment experience

Psychological Assessment 

Individual Psychotherapy

Couples/ Marriage Counseling

Medication Consultation and Management 

Personal Training 

Nutritional Counseling 

Treatment for victims of trauma

Multiple Age Ranges

Substance Use Disorders

Law Enforcement Position Psych Testing Appeals


Highly knowledgeable, skilled and experienced delivery of clinical services are the principal reasons why Inland Counseling has remained accessible to the community for over 12 years.

We assist our clients improve their psychological functioning through the careful application of Evidenced-Based Practice Interventions (EBPI). 

We review research, acquire the best practices that have been verified to work and apply them properly and systematically to benefit our clients.

The use of EBPI’s insures that our clients are receiving the state of the art level of treatment for the condition(s) that brought them in for assistance in the first place.