Administrative Assistant /Quality Assurance

Erika has over 6 years of secretarial experience. She strives to help the office run smoothly and to make sure all of the clients are satisfied with the services they are receiving.  Erika distributes client satisfaction questionnaires and implements continuous quality improvement (CQI).  Inland Counseling supports CQI and uses it to bring better services to its clients. 

Paisley Owens  

Jessica Revetto

Erika Ashley

​Timothy Hamlin​

Front Desk Receptionist 

Personal Trainer

Jessica Revetto is a certified personal trainer. She has her sports and nutrition certification through ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association). Jessica works with clients to help bring them closer to their fitness goals.   She assists clients improve their physical functioning and endurance, and by doing so promotes a healthier lifestyle. Jessica sets up exercise programs for each individual client based on their goals. Many of these exercise programs involve an increase in lean muscle mass, decrease in body fat, and advancement in muscular strength endurance.

Coding & Billing Specialist/ Office Manager

Ms. Caterino obtained her associates of  science  degree in nursing. She has over 10 years of medical office experience.  Danielle is certified in  medical coding and billing. She strives to  ensure that the clients' chosen "method of payment" is  in order and approved prior to initiating their treatment.    She will most likely be the first person you speak to when you call Inland Counseling.

Danielle R. Caterino

Client Health Information Management/Custodian of Records

Mr. Hamlin is experienced with software programs and is the  "IT (Information Technology)" person at Inland Counseling.     Tim also has experience with analyzing and computing budgets that promote the success of the company.  He is involved in processing CQI data, and is the Custodian of confidential client records.

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