Cash or Check:
For cash paying clients please bring exact amount. Receipts can be e-mailed to you. For those who use checks please make them payable to Inland Counseling INC.
Credit Card:

For those who choose this option we have the ability to swipe your card at the office.


We are able to bill many insurance companies. We will discuss this with you prior to providing services. 
If we are not on your insurance panel and you have coverage for "out of network" providers (i.e. PPO and POS) plans, we can provide you with a  "super-bill." You can use this super-bill to request reimbursement from your insurance plan. This includes Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Medical Savings Account (MSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).

Change Your Thinking...Change your life

Prior to your first session, we will need to discuss how you will pay for your treatment. For example, will you be paying 100% of the cost, or will you be using insurance? If you are using insurance we need to determine what kind of coverage you have.  Additionally, we must assess if we will be able to successfully  bill your insurance company. We must also ascertain if you have a co-pay and/or a deductible and if you have secondary or multiple insurances. Some insurance companies ask you to pay the fee up front to your therapist and will send you the reimbursement payment; some will ask you to do the opposite.  As you can see this can be somewhat complicated. Because of this, we require you to take a few moments and complete a telephonic financial  intake prior to your initial session.   


Remember that if you elect to use your insurance you are "opening the door" for them to be able to review your mental health record  in order to determine if you meet their definition of "medical necessity."  This is both legal and required by them to determine if they will use your coverage (i.e., your money) to pay for your services.  Please realize that you are 100% responsible for letting our office know if you are canceled, change insurance companies or change coverage. Failure to do so will result in your being 100% liable for your fees. 

We Apologize That We Do NOT Accept Medi-Cal

We Are Now Accepting Medicare!