Dr. Joseph Revetto is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the President/ CEO of Inland Counseling INC, a growing mental health practice. Dr. Revetto graduated with his Bachelors and Masters degrees from California State University-Northridge. He received his Doctoral degree from the California School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles. He co-authored and published two papers: Hays, R.D. & Revetto, J.P. (1992). Old and new MMPI- Derived Scales and the Short- MAST as Screening Tools for Alcohol Disorder. Alcohol and Alcoholism , 27, 685-695; Hays, R.D. & Revetto J.P. (1990). Peer Cluster Theory and Adolescent Drug Use: A Reanalysis. Journal of Drug Education, 20, 191-197. He is currently working on a book entitled,  "PTSD: A Comprehensive Clinician's Guide to Improved Treatment Outcomes."

      Dr. Joseph Revetto has over 25 years of clinical experience. He has a very broad and diverse range of experience from which to draw from.  He has worked with children, adolescents, adults and seniors. He has provided services for Developmentally Disabled Adults, and forensic populations at the local state mental hospital (Patton). Dr. Revetto has provided clinical services for acute, involuntary (5150) inpatient populations as well as individuals with chronic mental health disorders in out-patient community mental health centers (including college students).  He has provided over 3 decades of work as a mental consultant to individuals with HIV and other chronic health disorders and over a decade of dedication to working with our countries Veteran's. Through the years, Dr. Revetto has provided the community with many educational seminars related to a variety of mental health topics. 

       The doors of Inland Counseling opened in January, 2005. The corner stone of this private practice is successful treatment outcomes grounded in proven empirical research. Because Dr. Revetto has decades of experience in both cognitive and behavioral psychotherapy, he is able to utilize a scientifically based approach  in working with his clients. He is devoted to providing the highest level of  professional, ethical, compassionate, and efficacious counseling services to individuals who reside in the Inland Empire. He has created a treatment environment  that embodies these principles and which  is committed to the comprehensive treatment of the whole person.

Joseph p. Revetto, Ph.D. 
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Founder & President of Inland Counseling

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